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CHOYAL’s value system revolves around our conduct: what we say, what we do, the products we make, the services we provide; and the way we act and treat others. As conscientious citizens and employees, we do what is right. For CHOYAL’s, this is the only way to do business.

We believe that life tests our integrity by posing ethically challenging situations. At CHOYAL we understand and believe in our value system and make decisions in accordance within law. Also, we emphasize on good sense and judgement.

At CHOYAL we believe in strong ethos and responsibilities towards all the stakeholders. We focus not just on the delivery of business results, but also on how we achieve them. Our team, collaborators as well as network takes pride in supporting each other through tough times and together we live the values we focus on.

Company Ethos

  • Responsibility – “We never forget how much you rely on CHOYAL”
  • Integrity – “Integrity and Ethical business”
  • Innovation –“Being a Pioneer – Not following Others”
  • Empowerment – “Making Quality Symbol MADE IN INDIA”
  • Respect – “Respecting & Encouraging each Individual’s Ability and Creativity”

We believe in living responsibly not just in our personal lives but also as corporate citizens. As such, we recognize and fulfil our responsibilities to various stakeholders to the best of our capacity.

  • Towards Employees – Fair Dealing & continuing growth opportunities
  • Towards Share Holders – Consistent and fair returns and maximization of wealth of the shareholders
  • Towards Customers – Fair Price, good quality, faster TAT & effective service
  • Towards Country and Community – Economic and social development