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Mr. B. M. Choyal

Mr. B. M. Choyal

Late Shri B.M. Choyal (Ex-Chairman of Choyal Group)

Mr. BM Choyal was born in the reputed Jangid Brahmin family on 28 July 1926. He was born to Mr. Mahadev Choyal and Mrs. Chunni Devi in Nava city, Distt. Nagaur, Rajasthan.

Mr. B.M. Choyal was a bright student but could not continue his studies after 8th standard and joined family business of woodworking to earn bread for his family. At the age of just 16, Mr. Choyal took the responsibility of his family along with complete responsibility of his younger brother Mr. R.D. Sharma.

Mr. B.M. Choyal had the dedication to do in excellent way and eagerness to succeed, thus started the work of pattern making for emery stones. He started research to develop artificial emery stone.

Mr. BM. Choyal entered into the emery mill stone business in 1959. In 1965, ‘Shri Vishvakarma Industries’ was founded by Shri B.M. Choyal and R.D. Sharma.

In 1977, Mr. B.M. Choyal was appointed as chairman of Shri Vishvakarma (Emery Stones) Industries Pvt. Ltd., where he took charge of quality, production and innovation.

He got Married with Smt. Gulab Devi and adopted his younger brother R.D. Sharma and his sons.

Mr. B.M. Choyal also known for his philanthropic activities in various sectors like girls education, medical assistance, scholarship, gau shalas. In his native place Nawa, he is known as ‘Bhamashah’

Mr. R. D. Sharma

Mr. R. D. Sharma

Late Shri R.D. Sharma (Ex- Managing Director)

Mr. BM Choyal was born in the reputed Jangid Brahmin family on 5 Jan 1939. He was born to Mr. Mahadev Choyal and Mrs. Chunni Devi in Nava city, Distt. Nagaur, Rajasthan.

Shri R.D. Sharma had completed his schooling from Nawa city itself and then came to Ajmer for further education and done his Bachelor of Commerce from D.A.V. College, Ajmer in 1961. During studies he entered into the emery mill stones business in 1959.

In 1965, ‘Shri Vishvakarma Industries’ was founded by Shri B.M. Choyal  & R.D. Sharma. In 1977, R.D. Sharma was appointed as Managing Director of Shri Vishvakarma (Emery Stones) Industries Pvt. Ltd. where he became responsible for direction of all the business activities like production, sales, research and development and operations etc.

He got married with Smt. Shyama and has four daughters and two sons.

Mr. R.D. Sharma also believed in social work and worked as an active member of Lion’s club and Rotary club. He was founder member of Ajmer Zila Laghu Udhyog Sangh and also served as president. He was recognized as a business leader from SME sector and become executive member of many National Level Associations.


sg sharma newShri Gopal Sharma had took the charge of Joint Managing Director of Shri Vishvakarma (E.S.) Industries Pvt. Ltd. in 1990. He was instrumental in taking the organization to the international markets.

His  pioneering spirit and foresight has guided Choyal’s emergence as a formidable financially sound Flour Milling Manufacturing and Exporting Company. Managing a dual responsibility of Exports, over the course of years, He led Choyal’s Greenfield Unit II project, introduced the New Facility Centre and CNC Workshop as a business models in India and was pivotal to growing the organization’s footprint.

He was elevated to the position of Managing Director in 2005. Shri Gopal Sharma ‘s financial acumen has been the key factor in the group’s dramatic growth and profitability. His insights have played a pivotal role in encouraging Flour Millers at large.

With a firm belief that CHOYAL would need to create an environment to encourage research and development and innovation, He has continuously developed business viability models to facilitate the introduction of advanced technologies like the Wonder Mill, Miller Lite and more recently an Institute for Flour Milling. These endeavours have helped to benchmark Indian Flour milling Industry  amongst the best in the world.



RS Choyal

R.S. Choyal, the Charismatic Executive Director of Shri Vishvakarma (E.S.) Industries Pvt. Ltd., is a visionary in the understanding of the power of nature and the development of self worth in the people at large. He is a pioneer in Personality Development Movement. He has studied Psychology and Philosophy in depth and researched on Personality Development -Meditation, Communication, Emotions and Human Relations and implemented his work. He is an Industrialist & Exporter.  A natural leader and an excellent orator he is regularly invited by various Institutions and Organizations to conduct training programs in Personality Development all over Rajasthan for Men, Women & Children.

Mr. R.S. Choyal is co-founder of Brain Trust Society for management of self, which goes a long way in helping people to see their lives in the correct perspective. Society’s ultimate aim is to increase self-confidence, enthusiasm, zeal and intelligence and to lessen worries, sorrows, anger and fear from people’s lives. Inspiring people across Rajasthan, he has arranged many seminars with a soul aim of bringing change and progress in the multitudes suffering. Endowed with a psychological insight and in-depth cognition to the real goal of religion, he has the power to demystify things in a simple way.

Our Team

At CHOYAL we believe in people. We believe in our team of experienced and capable professionals from all walks and aspects of business and have some of the best from the industry working ‘with’ us. We believe in driving the fire and the passion in our staff to achieve goals not just for the business but also satisfaction in their personal lives. And together, we aspire to live up to our values and high business standards.