Mission Statement

The CHOYAL mission is to perform beyond expectations. We aspire to meet high industry benchmarks. We take pride in:

  • High Customer Satisfaction standards
  • Creating expanded opportunities and rewards for our employees
  • Our profitable growth
  • The achievement of our leadership

We have always believed that our primary goal is to provide innovative products through improved technology. In turn, we contribute to the advancement of society and improve the quality of life for generation to come.


At CHOYAL, we envision an advanced society with highly improved quality of life for the future generations. We aspire to achieve this by globally implemented, innovative grain processing.

We want to be a state-of-the-art global Grain Processing Equipment manufacturer by:

  • Developing customer oriented, customized solutions to suit our customers’ need in every area of the process
  • Providing cost effective solutions & cost transparency
  • On-time delivery of products and a diverse range of services
  • Ensuring high quality & Reliability
  • Assisting our customers in acquiring and retaining competitive edge
  •  aspire to achieve business leadership by:
  • Increasing market share of our products and services in the national and international markets directly and through strategic alliances
  • Continuously developing state-of-the-art products to meet global standards
  • Using right manufacturing facilities, business processes and quality systems
  • Reducing costs through volumes, large dealer network, productivity, innovation and effective team work
  • Continuously evolving in pursuit of excellence
  • Effectively using information technology to improve quality of decision-making

Our top priorities are Quality, Service and Development. The goal at CHOYAL is simply to provide innovative & reliable products that deliver high performance at a competitive price and on time.