branscanSaving your time and increasing your Profit. Branscan offers an online system for the indentification of aleuorne and bran in flour products. To date, Branscan have installed over 100 systems worldwide and 22 distributors over all 5 continents. The reliable and rapid F2000 Laboratory system for measuring Aleurone and bran in Flour Products. Profit and quality are key for the success of any organization. Flouroscan is the first system to offer online real-time amalysis in laboratories and processing plants, where error margins for contamination differ from one person to another.

Uses Proven Image Technology
Flouroscan is based on well established and proven image processing technology which has been used successfully within major manufacturers worldwide for nearly a decade.


1. Specially developed algorithm ad lighting system means daily calibration is not required.
2. Live image and processed image displayed on the screen allowing the user to see the sample analyzed instantly. All Data can be archived and exported.
3. Ability to measure number and percentage of aleurone and bran(yellow and brown specks), and report ash value.
4. Configurable to give measurements that operative recognize and understand.
5. Access codes can be employed to comply with regulations for equipment accessbility.


1. Already adopted by major organizations in the milling, baking and food industries.
2. Configurable to operate 4 pneumatically activated measuring heads connected to individual control panels on PC.
3. Built in alarms configurable to suit individual customer requirements.
4. Screens can be remotely located.
5. Assists in compliance of ISO9001:2000
6. Rapid analytical process, obtaining reuslts in real-time.
7. Can be used in lights-out processing operation where plat function in 24/7 environment.
8. Electrical power located in its own independent control panel rated to IP66/67
9. Configurable for use in ATEX Zones 21 and 22.

Covers a wide range of applications.
Aleurone and bran are the determining factors of the final apperance, grade an purity of the product and ultimately the final selling price. In some cases impurities can result in the rejection of whole batches.
The Flouroscan F4000 online system uses UV light to pick up the yellow specks of fluorescent aleurone and the dark specks of bran in flour products such as: semolina, wheat, oats, barley and many more.
Data can be displayed by the Fluoroscan software as both aleurone and bran counts and speck percentages, as well as further data such as graphs.