Miller Lite

Digital Control System for Flour Mills


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DCS for Chakki Plant – Miller lite v2.1.1

We have developed a solution for the automation of Grinding Stone Mills’ plant. The Miller Lite is a automation product which operates the Mill Plant with the help of the combination of software, Hardware, PLC, VFD, Servo Drive, Mechanical device and the electrical panel which is able to operate the entire Whole Wheat Grinding plant, Spice Plant, Pulse Plant, Cereal plant and any other milling plant at the ease of single touch of a finger.

Miller Lite controls all process and machines working in a sequence and alarms if any errors occur in operations. Miller Lite also facilitate for the data lodging and the alarm registration. The miller Lite operates the plant in a combination of different type of machinery for grinding and cleaning, Miller Lite controls the level of silos and run the various recipes which require lesser manpower to operate. Whole plant will be operated through Centralized Touch Screen control panel (DCS). In this concept, the wonder mill played a major role which helped to reduce manpower and save energy and on the other side it is quite good in safety norms too. As well as it helps in increasing profits.

The commercial production of the plant will be a sensation for the grinding world any trained person will be able to operate the whole plant on the single touch. The desired output can be set and the all machines will take the input accordingly. The cleaning and the mixing of the grains can be done by the single touch, if any errors occur the Miller Lite will inform immediately about the error.

The service and installation Team indulged with Miller Lite is fully dedicated towards the projects as they are creating a milestone for their followers.

Complete Panel with CPU, HMI Touch Screen, Sensors, Switch Gears, accessory

Cabling, Connectors DCS Panel

Down Grade Requirement

Installation Time 10-12 Days

Delivery Time 6-8 Weeks

Note:Numbers and type of items can differ depending upon the buyer’s specification / requirement, situation, Model No. and Need of R&D